Margo travels with her father, an international engineering consultant, to exotic Madagascar and becomes involved in the protection of a group of the indigenous ring-tailed lemurs that live on a conservation reserve. While defending lemurs from poachers after their pelts, she is kidnapped! Will she be able to find a way to escape and become an Earth Ranger?

Find out more about this international, environmental, ecological and endangered species-related movement! The first of many books from Lorelei Bachman, this series is aimed at Middle Grade (8-14).

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Exploring WWII History in the Channel Islands:

A Day Trip to Guernsey

Lorelei Bachman

My interest in Guernsey began with my love of reading, especially all things WWII. I came across a novel, which described the occupation and its effect on the inhabitants of the island. Guernsey, as the backdrop for many such stories, has recently gained interest for its picturesque and quaint descriptions of a bygone era.

Top 10 Child Friendly Restaurants in London 

Lorelei Bachman


Traveling with children in a large city can be both exciting and daunting when mealtime rolls around.  When it comes to finding quality family fare, London is brimming with restaurants that cater to families with children of any age.  Whether you have picky or adventurous eaters, the following establishments offer something for everyone.